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A CLEAN BUSINESS is good business!

Business Owners across Northeastern Ohio Tri-Counties area have put their trust in us for over 30 years. Whether you own or manage a business you can rest assured knowing your Commercial Property will receive nothing but the highest level of workmanship and reliable, on-time service. Our budget friendly Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning services are great for your company’s image, providing you with a cost effective way to maintain a clean and inviting business exterior all year round. Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to learn more about what we can do for you and your business.

CONCRETE cleaning

Commercial Flatwork Surface Cleaning

The appearance of your Commercial Property’s concrete surfaces says a lot about your business. Our high pressure surface cleaning services are the ideal concrete cleaning solution for all types of applications:

  • Sidewalks

  • Entrance Areas

  • Parking Areas

  • Drive-Thru Lanes

  • Dumpster Pads

  • Grease Traps

  • Loading Docks

  • Gas Stations

  • Stadiums/Arenas

  • Oil/Grease Removal

  • Chewing Gum Removal

  • Rust Stain Removal

  • Tire Mark Removal

Exterior Wall & Building Cleaning

Your commercial building condition is one of the first things customers will notice about your business. Don’t let a dirty or grimy appearance send the wrong message. Our Building Washing services are great for:

  • Storefronts

  • Entrance Areas

  • Building Facades

  • Exterior Walls

  • Signs & Awnings

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Dirt/Grime Removal

  • Stain/Spill Cleanup

  • Mold/Mildew Removal

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Insects, Spider Webs and Bird Droppings

BUILDING washing

SHOPPING centers

For a Clean & Inviting Retail Exterior

Retail customers demand a level of cleanliness that fits their lifestyle. If your shopping center doesn’t project a clean, successful image, it can spell trouble for your tenants and your bottom line. Our services include:

  • Concrete Cleaning

  • Sidewalk Cleaning

  • Chewing Gum Removal

  • Stain & Spill Cleanup

  • Rust Stain Removal

  • Storefront Cleaning

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Awning Cleaning

  • Canopy Cleaning

  • Roof Cleaning

  • Parking Area Cleaning

  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning

  • Trash Bin Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

We’ll Work Around YOUR Schedule!

Looking for a fast, reliable pressure washing services provider that will not only deliver a top quality cleaning job, but also be flexible enough to work around your gas station’s business hours, deliveries, and tanker truck refueling breaks? Look no further – you’ve found us!

  • Storefront Pressure Washing

  • Sidewalk Pressure Washing

  • Awning/Canopy Cleaning

  • Fueling Lanes Pressure Washing

  • Fuel Pump Islands Cleaning

  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning & more!

GAS stations

WAREHOUSES & factories

Industrial Interior Pressure Washing 

It’s often the dirtiest environments that require the most specialized level of cleaning. That’s because industrial interiors are especially vulnerable to the buildup of dust, particulates, and potentially hazardous residues which are a natural byproduct of your facility’s daily manufacturing or shipping operations.

We’ll work with you to formulate a cleaning regimen that fits your facility’s specific needs. From odd hours cleaning to sensitive environmental factors, Tri-County Pressure Cleaning will do whatever it takes to show you we are the right choice for your warehouse of industrial facility’s regular cleanings.

Awnings Require the Right Kind of Care

Awnings are a big part of your commercial building’s overall appearance, but if left neglected, they will suffer from dramatic color fading and weakening of awning material. Regularly cleaning of your building’s awnings protects against premature discoloration and structural deterioration, so you can get the most out of your awnings’ curb appeal and lifespan.

  • Fabric Awning Cleaning

  • Metal Awning Cleaning

  • Synthetic Awning Cleaning

  • Plastic Awning Cleaning

AWNING cleaning